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Red Bag (background – gifted / AD) KIM 11”
Black Bag (Background – gifted / AD) KIM 11″
Small black crossbody bag (background)
Top I’m sporting
Blazer (related)
Watch – (Native black strap AD/Gifted)

Black Boots
Thermal vest
Turtleneck costume with Belt
Ribbed Polo neck costume
Ribbed Jumper Dress
Batwing costume
Black Overlay costume
Knitted Dress with Split
UK Polo-neck wool costume
US Polo-neck wool costume
Leather Biker Jacket

Black Court Shoes

Grey Jeans
Grey Jeans
Grey Jeans
Grey Tote Bag
Brown Boots
Flat Boots
Grey Long sleeve jumper
Grey quick sleeve jumper
Grey Long sleeved cardigan

Houndstooth Jumper (not proven)
Designer Dogtooth Jumper
Dogtooth Jumper
Hiking Boots
Wellington Boots
Wellington Boots
Padded Gilet
Quilted Gilet

Black Tote Bag
Black Scarf
Double breasted Wool Coat
Black Wrap Coat
Red Striped Jumper

Cream Jeans
UK Ribbed Knit sweater
US Ribbed Sweater (*8*)
UK Cable Knit sweater
US Cable Knit sweater
Timberland Boots
Aviator Jacket

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  1. I bought a down jacket about 2 years ago, and I love it , it's white and more of a " ski coat " , even though I don't ski, lol. It's longer, and that's what I look for in a jacket ,for casual wear. My " go to " is really nice leggings, even the faux fur lined ones, a nice tunic length jumper ( sweater of some type) and tall boots , and if I'm going out on errands, etc, it's the white down jacket, a nice warm scarf and gloves to complete the look.
    I loved all of these , only those " camel work boot" looking ones, I'll pass, lol.
    I prefer a sleeker looking boot ,even if it's for winter . I think a snow boot with the faux fur or shearling lining would look good.
    You always have such great content, Miss Gemna and I love that you re- create the looks on yourself, to show how lovely the ensembles are .
    Cheers from Across The Pond…… πŸ™‚πŸ˜Šβ˜•οΈ

  2. I find winter much easier to look elegant than summer. Of course if you are going to wear all neutrals you will look as drab as the weather. Colours and layers are key. My basics like pants, shoes, coats and bags all tend to be neutrals but then I can get creative with coloured jumpers, matching cashmere or silk scarves and jewellery. I love coloured pearls and gemstones, they really make an outfit pop.

  3. Love your videos! You, Alyssa Beltempo, and Audrey Coyne are my favorite. Noticed your last purse video was in 2019. If you're looking for ideas going forward, I'd love to see some good looks to transition from winter to spring and move on through the summer. Trying to be minimalistic.

  4. I tend to wear either dress, boots and tights, or jeans, jumper and boots, both with a lovely coat if I'm going out. I must say I find winter the easiest season to dress for! Summer can be hard for the plus size.

  5. Love this video with all of the outfit suggestions. I have many of these pieces already in my closet and now have new ideas in how to put them together.

  6. Thanks for showing grey jeans! I have two pairs and love them as a nice, casual neutral piece . Those brown boots with your grey outfit was brilliant. Love your classy style!

  7. In South Africa winter is generally mild and in the morning and evening it's cold but it gets warmer as the day goes so one needs to master the art of layering so as to ajust to temperature changes as the days goes

  8. I disagree that winter is the hardest season to look elegant. By far, Summer is harder to look elegant, especially here in Queensland Australia when all you can wear in the humidity is a thin cotton dress and no layering!! It’s the layered pieces that add elegance and interest. There is only so much you can do in tropical heat.

  9. Hello πŸ™‚ Thanx for the great tips! IΒ΄m a reception manager in a big automotive company and IΒ΄m getting inspired here – what to wear in these cold days to be elegant and not freezing at the same time πŸ™‚ (As we donΒ΄t have any uniforms) Outfit Nr. 2 would be great for tomorrow πŸ™‚ But IΒ΄m absolutely amazed by outfit 3!!! Excellent! Sofisticated! So elegant! YouΒ΄ve teached me to wear these two incredible nature colours in one outfit. Thanx! IΒ΄d be happy to see more elegant office outfits for cold-cold winter days. Take care πŸ™‚

  10. This year, my retired-life go-to look is black jeans, a thick-knit sweater, a white hooded puffer jacket, black leather gloves, black shearling earmuffs, and black ankle boots. We've been down to -20Β° F so far and we aren't done, yet. I have a variety of scarves to add when necessary, including black cashmere, white wool woven, white merino Aran knit, and various colors of cashmere woven scarves.

  11. I like faux leather midi skirts for cold days, they stop the wind, are waterproof and are just a stylish change. I like faux leather trousers, too, but if you overheat, you can’t move, because they stick to the legs. I got a cream and a safe green one last year, and I’m so glad I did, there haven’t been many on offer this year, except for black.

  12. A knit dress is my winter go-to, they’re so simple and comfortable. I wear them at home, then just add boots and a warm layer over to go out. In solid colors, as most are, they can be styled so many different ways with blazers, casual jackets and coats, boots and tights, scarves, belts and jewelry. I also love silk tops under cashmere sweaters, for bottoms I wear stretchy knit trousers or simple, elastic waist skirts. I just love jackets, from leather motos to blazers to quilted ones, they change up a look better than anything else, so I have a big variety of them. I’m always looking for slim, but stretchy cotton-knit pants that are more substantial than leggings, but not baggy like joggers. They’re hard to find, but I stock up when I see them.

  13. O like puffer jackets, most we're from a years Christmas 2020 to 2022 Christmas as well My birthday wich is My birthday no January. But, I take out that fake hair on necks or lower arms, I take off that silly accesory

  14. Great outfit suggestions that I can easily put together. My favorite in this video, was working the gray and camel color combo; a very unique way to show the season transitions paired up in one outfit! My go to winter outfit formula is pairing my favorite scarves with an essential shirt and trousers with ankle boots. I have a berry and a red coat, I alternate, for that nice pop of color.


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