Happy new 12 months everybody πŸ–€ hope that you just had a terrific begin to the 12 months and that this video helps to make 2022 an incredible 12 months for you πŸ’‘

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  2. I definitely made a resolution to work-out more, and become a better dapper dresser. I gained over 20 pounds and can barely fit into my jeans. 😬

  3. 1.04 : Choose a specific Goal
    1.37 : Limit your resolutions
    2.01 : Put time into planning
    2.40 : Learn from past mistakes
    3.12 : Accountability
    3.44 : Focus on your motivation and welcome the process
    Note – Do watch the Vid for Better understanding.
    – He is opening 2 channels one for fitness and Other for Self improvement

  4. 1. Choose a Specific Goal
    2. Limit Your Resolutions (Don't Overwhelm Yourself)
    3. Put Time Into Planning
    4. Learn From Past Mistakes
    5. Accountability (Have Someone To Hold You Accountable)
    6. Focus on your Motivation
    7. Welcome the Process


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