Here are the 7 outfits I wore this week…
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Monday: 00:13

Tuesday: 01:04

Wednesday: 01:46

Thursday: 02:33

Friday: 03:19

Saturday: 04:21

Sunday: 05:11

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Links to buy the items down under:

Look 1

Zara Trenchcoat
Abercrombie Hoodie
H&M Jeans
Asos Boots
Raen Shades
Dior Bag

Look 2
Abercrombie Suede Jacket
Best Made Hoodie
Paige 5- Pocket Pants
Zara Sneakers

Look 3

H&M Windbreaker
Zara Sweatshirt
Free Assembly Jeans
Kenneth Cole Sneakers

Look 4

H&M Jacket
H&M Turtleneck
Zara Cargos
Converse 70s

Look 5

Zara Faux Leather Jacket
Abercrombie Mock Neck
Abercrombie 90s Slim Jeans
Converse Platforms
Jade Black Specs

Look 6

H&M Faux Shearling Jacket
Abercrombie Hoodie
Zara Jeans
New Balance 57-40s
Seasons Beanie

Look 7

H&M Puffer
Zara Hoodie
Zara Joggers (*7*)
Puma Sneakers


FTC: This video will not be sponsored. I do nevertheless make income from the advertisements that have been performed and the affiliate hyperlinks to the merchandise listed above.


  1. The "Friday" outfit looked sharp! As for the days when you wore a hoodie, what's the point of having a wad of seldom used material hanging behind your head? Not a good look if you want to be taken seriously. All the best to you! ✌

  2. Could you please make a video on. Styling tucked in shirt and how to tuck in shirt. I love seeing people wearing tucked in shirt but I never able to wear tucked shirt. I dont know how to properly tuck in shirt. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  3. Hey Marcel, could you make a video on formal wear options for weddings and other formal functions… it's been a while since you posted on wedding apparel collection

  4. Very nice lookbook!?! Happy, HAPPY congratulations 🎊 for one million subscribers!!!!! ❤ Celebrate 🍾, enjoy, smile, laugh and all things magical ✨ come to you, spectacular Mr. Marcel!!!!! 😀

  5. honestly since I watched your videos for a few years now
    my style and taste has changed for the better
    awesome show and congratulations on a million
    don't stop the styles


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