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  1. Here’s a outfit idea:

    -Miss lady rose bodice {white 🤍}
    -Shadow Empress sleeves {white 🤍}
    -Pleated skirt {white 🤍}
    -Pick the one eyed in custom eyes then make them black
    -choose the :3 mouth {in custom lips/mouth}
    -choose the blush with white hearts in them {in custom marks}
    -cutie fruity hair
    -hair color blonde
    -droopy elf ears
    -any type of heels but I suggest adorable laced up boots or action boots
    -black skin color

    Here’s another one:

    -pretty kitty tail {color 1 black || color 2 purple or violet🖤💜}
    -miss lady rose bodice {same color as kitty tail 🖤💜}
    -pleated skirt {color black 🖤}
    -kawaii reaper {same color as kitty tail 💜🖤}
    -shadow empress sleeves {same color 🖤💜}
    -pale white skin color🤍
    -juna hair style
    -black hair color🖤
    -action boots or any type of heels

    Hope this rlly helped y’all ;w; stay safe!~


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