We focus on six fashionable methods to put on this underrated swimsuit model, and why it deserves a place in each fashionable man’s wardrobe: http://gentl.mn/brown-patterned-suit-6-ways

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→ Script: Preston Schlueter
→ Camera & Editing: Chris Dummer

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00:00 Introduction

When it involves the fundamental constructing blocks of menswear by way of colour, brown positively takes a spot on this listing alongside shades of blue and shades of grey in addition to black and white to various levels. However, whereas blues and grays have been staples of enterprise put on for hundreds of years, brown traditionally wasn’t fairly at this similar degree of ritual.

Suffice it to say although that grey and blue had been thought of enterprise put on for the 19th and early 20th century whereas brown was thought of extra applicable for nation put on. And as proof of this, we have to look no additional than that previous-original dictum no brown on the town.

As we lined in our video on model guidelines to disregard although, this previous chestnut has been falling away an increasing number of with the elevated casualization of wardrobes during the last 50 years or so. And on this case, we might say a lot the higher. We suppose that brown fits are a fashionable addition to any man’s wardrobe and that they are often worn in a large number of settings. So to show this level, we have rounded up six totally different outfits certainly not only for brown fits however for brown patterned fits.

02:19 Style Theories Involving Brown

05:30 Outfit #1: A Formal Office Look
07:24 Outfit #2: A Less Formal Office Look
08:12 Outfit #3: Adding A Contrasting Waistcoat or Sweater
09:22 Outfit #4: Pairing Your Suit With A Turtleneck
10:22 Outfit #5: Pairing the Suit Jacket with Odd Trousers
12:02 Outfit #6: Using The Italian Spezzato Technique

13:05 Outfit Rundown

What do you consider these types? Let us know within the feedback!


  1. I have a suit made from the exact same fabric as the suit Preston is wearing and i absolutely love it. I bought it second hand when i was in my twenties, and i wear it occasionally, still looks good on me. Thank you for the inspiration to give a little twist to my personal style. I hope you are doing well, stay in good health.

  2. Do you guys have a playlist for those who have been dressing casually there whole life? It's a bit intimidating to see all these videos and have no starting point.

    Maybe you do and I haven't looked heard enough but a good basic starting guide would be useful. Aka pants, shoes and shirts. Any help would be great, Thanks guys.

  3. Finally, brown gets the love it deserves! I really, really love those brown pants with the light green jacket, but all of these look fantastic. Brown is such a versatile, cozy colour, and I'm glad to see more folks embracing it.

  4. Ummm, you need to show more diversity in the "dark" skin tones. A "dark" caucasian is not the same as a dark Person of Color i.e. African American, Mediterranean, Asian, Hispanic etc. I'm assuming everyone is your target audience. Otherwise, nice video.

  5. I tend to love brown suits and brown sport jackets, especially in the fall. It suits my complexion well and I am so glad brown has gotten a lot more acceptance over the decades as a great colour choice.

  6. Striped suit jackets should never be worn as an odd jacket, as one can see instantly they are part of a suit combination and not meant as a separate. Thank you Preston for this interesting video! What do you think about striped socks with a striped suit? Too much stripes? I try to avoid it, but what do you think?

  7. What a great video :).

    Quick suggestion: Could you guys explore brown with purple and elements of blue or brown with blue and elements of purple, please ?

  8. Excellent Video! Great content, well presented (as always). One production note, however: In the last segment of the video with Preston describing his outfit, there is a spec on Preston's left eyeglass lens, and the lighting of the scene casts a shadow from this spec onto his face. Any minute movement of his head causes the speck's shadow to move a round his face and is quite distracting.


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