Nova Oasis

Layered Dress:
Green Day-Dress:
Pink Shoes:
Pink Bowtie Shoes:
Lace up Long Skirt:
Short demin Skirt:
Tbdress model:

Bg music: the place inside – youtube library – copyright free

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  1. People really need to stop flipping out over constructive criticism. Animal ears (specifically the cheap costumey ones she's wearing in the video) don't belong in Lolita fashion. Obviously she can wear them if she wants because it's her life, but wearing them does make the outfit more of a costume and not Lolita. It's the same as if she was wearing a pastel unicorn T-shirt and called it Punk fashion. Yeah she can do it if she wants, but calling it punk would be wrong. Nobody's being mean by pointing stuff out so she can improve.

  2. Oh wow I'm so shocked so many people are not liking her outfits O-O I was so in love with each one I was going to comment and saw a ton of people complaining. Didn't expect that. She looks ADORABLE.

  3. Yumi, please don't mind those rude comments! A bunch of people are insecure here because they can't wear what they like and be happy like you. :3 Plus, your outfits are really cute! Keep going on!

  4. Wear what you like Yumi because to me you are awesome for doing that!
    To everyone who is saying mean things just let her wear and do the things she wants it is not like ruining your life so move on

  5. These outfits are so cool! I like the last one the most personally "probably because red is my favorite color."xD. I'm just glad you are confident wearing what makes you happy ^ u ^ !!


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