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  1. The first and second fit went well with the shoes but the other outfits were just garbo. The colors were just all over the place. I think you need to wear dark pants with those shoes. Either you go all black or if you wear a white tee I would say wear black cap too with it. And maybe some red accents on the cap or the Tee would flow so well with the Bred‘s.

  2. I always laugh when I hear people say the don’t know what to wear with certain shoes. You can never fail with nice blue or black jeans and a plain shirt that matches one of the colors on your shoes. That’s not basic. It’s clean, classic, timeless and easy.

  3. Def keep this series going. Its dope to see how others would rock a particular fit n then have the oppertunity to tweak it a bit to suit your style. Fire series tho man. Grind!

  4. Good fits, I just prefer to go for vintage graphic band or movie tees. That's been my go to lately. If you can't go thrifting, Grailed has great vintage tees for some good prices. I've also heard some bad stuff about Fasionova in regards to their quality being trash and customer service not being good.

  5. Yessir another one!!
    Those last came pants are 🔥🔥🔥bro
    I'm glad you're doing these. Also any confirmation on the Flint 13s being released in April! Definitely my #1 cop this year, at least for now! Much love!

  6. I was just wondering if they have a athletic fit skinny jeans for sale somewhere, I really can’t fit into skinny skinny jeans, I like for my jeans to sit about my sneakers too just not too high. Anyways dope vid mike!!

  7. Wow bravo! Make more of these stuff……. i'm sick and tired of sneaker reviews. Now, it's about how to style them…. make more videos of this featuring other sneakers like j1 travis scott, j11 bred/concord, j6 ts and etc


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