In as we speak’s video, we’re looking at tips on how to model a males’s model essential–the navy suit–for these sizzling summer time days. I’ve had a LOT of requests for summer time swimsuit lookbook movies and particularly recommendation on tips on how to put on a swimsuit when it is sizzling exterior. Enjoy!

0:00 – Navy Suit Summer Lookbook
0:31 – Navy Suit with Linen Tie
1:42 – Navy Suit with White Shirt
2:35 – Navy Suit with Polo Shirt
3:41 – Navy Suit with T-Shirt & Sneakers
4:53 – Navy Suit with Printed Tie
5:48 – How To Wear a Suit When It’s Hot Outside

β–ͺ HSS x Michael Andrews β†’

β–ͺ HSS x Michael Andrews Shirt β†’
β–ͺ Drake’s Tie (comparable) β†’
β–ͺ Oliver Peoples Sunglasses β†’
β–ͺ Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle β†’
β–ͺ To Boot New York Loafers (comparable) β†’

β–ͺ HSS Michael Andrews Shirt β†’
β–ͺ John Varvatos Sunglasses β†’
β–ͺ IWC Ingenieur β†’
β–ͺ Baudoin & Lange Loafers β†’

β–ͺ HSS x Michael Andrews Polo β†’
β–ͺ Homero Ortega Hat β†’
β–ͺ Oliver Peoples Sunglasses β†’
β–ͺ Tag Heuer Blue Dreamer β†’
β–ͺ Allen Edmonds Loafers (comparable) β†’

β–ͺ Theory T-Shirt β†’
β–ͺ Vintage USS Sunglasses (comparable) β†’
β–ͺ A. Lange & SΓΆhne Datograph β†’
β–ͺ Common Projects Sneakers β†’

β–ͺ Suitsupply Shirt (comparable) β†’
β–ͺ Oliver Peoples Sunglasses β†’
β–ͺ Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle β†’
β–ͺ Belgian Shoes Loafers β†’

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  1. The shoes are a terrible choice which ruin the entire look. They appear to be slippers. If you want a serious channel covering fashion then you can't make these mistakes.

  2. I generally like these outfits. However, I do find it hard to appreciate the no-socks look when wearing a tie. To have a relatively complete and formally dressed upper body with very casual loafers and no socks just looks very unbalanced to me. I'm interested to hear any other comments on this point.

  3. The polo look was my favorite by far, I feel is a great way to dress down a suit in a different way to most people. Also, I loved the vintage shades, ive been looking for black shades with light blue lenses for a while for that Alessandro Aquarzi look. Awesome video as always.

  4. Just an anecdote. I put on a light blue polo, dark blue chinos, all white/leather tennis shoes, and skipped all accessories except my watch, and when I saw my son's girlfriend, she asked, "why was I dressed up?" What 20 y/o's think of as formal is getting the way off the base definition for sure.

  5. What are your thoughts on jackets with tshirts? I always avoided the look for the sake of the suits, I find that the collar and cuff get dirty very quickly without a shirt, to the point of having to dry clean it after every couple of wears, and it's much worse in the summer.

    And as always great outfits!

  6. Brian!!!! I have those suede loafers! Now … they also did a great pair of suede boots too. I grabbed them that year at saks ! I think it's about 6 or 7 years ago!
    Great post! I am lusting for those People's! Great tie selection! ( yellow linen tie)

  7. The real style I'm looking at in your videos is what you're wearing for the commentary portion. I'm waiting for the day you feel comfortable wearing a suit with a t-shirt as your "commentary" look.

  8. I would love to be able to wear a suit in Cyprus during summer, however the temperature reaches above 42 Celsius pretty much every da, and it is extremely humid during the night. Is it possivle Brian to make a video with summer short outfits, mixing shorts with t-shirts, shirts, sneakers, loafers etc.? That would be awesome for us living in hotter countries! Thank you!

  9. I love 'em all. My only negative comment is the suede shoes with the tie. I think a nice leather loafer in cognac would be better. Some purist would say you shouldn't loafers with a suit, but I say what the heck.


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