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Hey guys! Here are my outfits of the week Mon-Thurs in addition to Sunday’s outfit which was my birthday! I’m now 5 months pregnant on this video so hopefully these gives you some maternity type concepts 🙂 xoxo Anna

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  1. I liked them all! You have such great style, even when pregnant 🙂 & it's like the only thing on you that's getting big is your tummy 🙂 SO LUCKY!!!

  2. Yourr soo pretty and to be pregnant with baby number two and still stylish thats really nice most moms i see let themselves go but your still lookng great lots of love to you and yur fam

  3. You are the coolest pregnant women in the world! How can you keep your body shape so well? I filmed some outfit idea video too, please check my channel out! Love you! 

  4. I just can`t decide!I love all otfits!Great style!I would dress like this even if I`m not pregnant because they are so feminine and stylish!

    Love waterfall cardigans too,Anna!

    By the way you looked AMAZING in all your outfits!Very sexy mommy!



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