Hey! Parker York Smith right here with 5 fall/winter outfit concepts for you guys specializing in unconventional layering. It’s an ideal transfer to make to be practical, trendy, and set your self other than everybody else. I take advantage of it on a regular basis. Knowing look good within the winter is essential, so hope this helps! Shop the appears beneath:

Look One
Leather Jacket: https://bit.ly/2IKubeC
Denim Shirt: https://bit.ly/38RcJAb
Boots: https://bit.ly/2uYtJDd

Look Two
Jeans: https://bit.ly/2IKuupM
Outershirt: https://bit.ly/3kGQY8t
Sweater: https://bit.ly/3pCi6sZ
Sneakers: https://bit.ly/32SKQnH

Look Three
Coat: https://bit.ly/35EhUS7
Pants: https://bit.ly/38QY0W3
Sweater: https://bit.ly/3pFhjr0

Look Four
Pants: https://bit.ly/3f7qbRy
Sweater: https://bit.ly/3ffs66M
Overcoat: https://bit.ly/38RZn6A

Look Five
Pants: https://bit.ly/2IJ9WhO
Hoodie: https://bit.ly/32OAVzi
Sweater: https://bit.ly/35f9Wxe

5 Fall/Winter Outfit Ideas – Unconventional Layering

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  1. UNDERRATED channel. How do we get this guy over 100k? Good mix of classic and fashionable style. I'm over 40 and lots of inspiration. Keep it up.

  2. I like this dude’s vibe most of these, fashion ppl seem larger than life, fabricated. This guy seems down to earth, Thank you for the video

  3. Such a nice video Parker. Love the fact that you deviate from the book and experiment on your own.The all black with shoe pop outfit was a killer.Could you please make a video on how to style your outfits with a vintage vibe….. I'm thinking the 70's and 80's.Would love to see your take on that.

  4. I definitely got some styling take aways from your outfits. Because you asked, I wasn’t a huge fan of the open frayed cut jeans, but that’s just personal preference, but the rest of the look was great. The
    “The grandpa” ish, outfit really grew on me. It has some chill vibes. The rest of the outfits were on point.

  5. "I know this outfit has some grandpa vibes…" literally 1/2 my wardrobe is grandpa vibes, (I'm 22 by the way) 🤣 I believe ultimately whatever outfit makes you feel good within reason, is the right outfit for the occasion. Awesome Video Mr. Smith! Keep up the good work and amazing style ideas!

  6. I actually learned layering from you, I know it sounds a little dumb but I had never thought about it until I started watching your videos. I gotta say layering has made me feel really comfortable ever since I found it about it, thanks to you. Love from Mexico!!

  7. Parker your a good dude man. What Eye would like to see more of in the future is portion distortion. You mix it up pretty good but like the sillouette's of your fellow video bloggers are kinda mundane for my tastes anyway(Alpha M). He hates distressing on jeans. Some cute high school girl (home schooling ?) today with braces came up to me today at the top of my slanted driveway and wanted me to pet her dog. I was wearing jeans with factory distressing. Mind you I'm a senior. It's like they have a certain cut and just play change the colors and textures. Safe is ok but that's why need unsafe fashion bloggers. I do fall into that sameness thing though but I know things are out their but funds and time are limited, so I need shortcuts. The dog liked me to. It sat down on my driveway and I petted it, which gave my college aged female admirer next door going through her car to find something to think about. You now how cut throat and competitive girls that I know can be. Do some more suit stuff to. Some suit combo in a velour for the holidays. You pick it. I'm your fashion disciple .I was wearing a Walmart outfit. The new black denim jacket in Medium from them fits me so well. I've had them before in a large but apparently they change materials to be heavier in the fall/winter months. Those skinny jeans with the distressing from Walmart you recommended a while back and white button down from them and Chelsea boos in a light brown from Kenneth Cole Reaction. And the watch was an old Timex with a new blue band I purchased on Ebay. I kicked it today. Really develop at least some good taste guys cause chicks notice. I was at Walmart last month and this hot chick with no bra and tattoos walked by me and I tried to keep track of her but lost her until I realized she was checking me out from behind. The power of clothing plus chicks have all the angles covered when they want to. Why couldn't this happen to me in my twenties. I'll tell you why. Cause I wouldn't play dress up and felt I wanted to find a girl who loved me the person more than my clothes. Man was I a stupid idealist. Don't let this happen to you. Peace. If I would of shaved more than once a week then, things could of been so much more. Hopefully good.

  8. I like the colors and many of the pieces alone. Who is so thin that they can later as much as you. Damn. Overall, too modern for a 50 year old.

  9. The 5th one was Lit🔥 Definitely trying one on similar lines
    Amazing video as always😁, this time, especially with the sneakers, they were all mind-blowingly unconventional.
    Ps: not sure if this is a feasible suggestion, but a outdoor shoot will better enhance the look and feel of the the outfits.


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