I’ve compiled a few of my FAVORITE outfits that can take your spring model recreation to THE NEXT LEVEL.

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  1. Ashley, I love the content of your videos. I appreciate a woman’s point of view better than a man’s when it comes to this topic. Keep up those digs and jokes, I find that entertaining 😁

  2. Thank you soo mich great suggestions! Can you talk about these LoroPiana openwalks and summerwalks loafers? What do you think of them?

  3. I’m short. I like how all of their pants fit nearing the ankle. However, I cannot find pants that wear like these. And I don’t want to get ALL of my bottoms tailored. Any suggestions?

  4. As someone completely new to the fashion essentials game I do a fist pump every time Ashley mentions an essential piece that I've already happened to invest in 😅.

  5. Light wash jeans, I don't think I could wear those at my age of 53. I am a athletic slim type of guy and look 40-45. So am I right in saying light wash jeans are not for me?

  6. Hey Ashley
    Do you mind doing an outfit inspiration for bald or balding men? Spring or summer outfits.. thanks 😀 you’re awesome!!

  7. Every time I watch this channel, my perception of Ashley is someone that is super meticulous & possibly OCD about every little detail in her life.

    It almost stresses me out!! Hence I only occasionally watch your stuff.
    Everything always needs to be so perfect, feel like there's no room for mess and imperfection. Almost robotic; making it less relatable to someone like me.
    Just my 2 cents

    Thanks for all the knowledge though 🙂

    (terrible joke here – but I bet you wipe like 20 times to ensure maximum cleanliness)


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