30 Outfits Ideas for Girls 2021 | Lookbook | Casual outfits | STYLE GRAM Dress Collection Haul

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  1. Amazing collectionπŸ‘Œ but my parents not allow me to wear this types of clothes😞😞 because I am from Muslim religion and our religion doesn't allow us to wear this types of clothes but your all outfits are supperb keep it up

  2. Gu buy in thrift shops..in philippines we call it Ukay ukay…I was able to buy branded high quality clothes and pants for a low price, as low as 100 pesos..theres a lso a great skirt that i bought for only 10pesos. When you thought that I bought thess for 10 pesos, you would think that the skirt I bought is not high quality but in fact its real quality. In thrift shops, there are rare high quality clothes that can be found in aa pile of cheap clothes, so U gotta find it every corner on the store.


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