♥ Hey everybody,
I have not made a video like this for round four months so I assumed it was the right time! I mainly simply picked out any respectable outfits in my closet! I’m sorry that I did not write down how a lot/ the place all of those garments are from nevertheless it already took lengthy sufficient simply to do that with out spending much more time discovering the entire relaxation, and just about EVERY merchandise yow will discover within the mall or within the international retailer! I’m conscious that there’s a few lifetime gadgets in right here, however these are simply concepts and you may simply swap any merchandise for a unique related one!
Anyway I do hope you loved this because it took me a very long time to movie and edit! I’ve been very pleased with myself for making these constant movies in the previous couple of days I am unable to promise it can proceed as there shall be just a few modifications occurring with the membership which I’ll clarify in a following video!
Stay protected!
Leah x
♥ Q&A~
-What membership? ~ Steel Dancers (Some occasions known as SD or Dancers!)
-What server? ~ Unicorn Forest (UK)
-When was your membership made?~ 04/04/2019
-Can I meet you? ~ Sure should you see me round come say hello!
-Can I be a part of your membership~ Sure you’ll be able to apply on our web site which I’ll hyperlink beneath!
-Music?~ I exploit a choice of You tubes non copyrighted part!
-Accounts? – Main SSO account: Leah Springspoon. Spare account: Aleah Springspoon.
(Both on the UK areas)
-Instagram~ steel_dancers_sso
-Website~ https://steeldncers.weebly.com
-Discord~ Leah Springspoon | spoony#3139
– Tick Tock ~ Just search up Steel Dancers


  1. the one at 1:57 looks suspiciously like my old club's uniform….

    and you did say that one time that our hats were iconic…..

    Steel Surfers or something like that I know it was Surfers but I don't remember the rest

  2. The yellow and brown looks so close to my clubs uni just change the brown the black and they would nearly look identical 👀🤣😂
    I love all the outfit tho ✨💕


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