Fall outfit concepts and styling ideas for these of us who stay in hotter climate!! We can nonetheless benefit from the seasons even when the solar is shining and its 70 levels lol!!

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⤷ Sweater vest (xs): https://bit.ly/2G8A8B1
⤷ Terracotta denims (25): https://bit.ly/3mH4ETf
⤷ Polo (m): https://bit.ly/3ifhTas

⤷ Sweater vest (xs): https://bit.ly/2G8A8B1
⤷ T-shirt (s): https://bit.ly/2JkFB9l
⤷ Baggy denims (25): https://bit.ly/34CFOgi

⤷ Bralette (s): https://bit.ly/3jK108i
⤷ Flannel (m/l): https://bit.ly/2SrNYB0
⤷ White denims (26): https://bit.ly/3kTKHY9

⤷ Flannel (m/l): https://bit.ly/2SrNYB0
⤷ Offline crewneck (s): https://bit.ly/36Drvt9
⤷ Distressed denims (26): https://bit.ly/3eaL9yv

⤷ Flannel (s): https://go.zara/32WBNCl
⤷ Jeans (25): https://bit.ly/3kTLhVP
⤷ White bodysuit: inamorata

⤷ Flannel (s): https://go.zara/32WBNCl
⤷ Black bodysuit (xs/s): https://go.zara/2TBdXql
⤷ Black ripped denims (25): https://bit.ly/2TDGXOo

⤷ Leopard cardigan (36): https://bit.ly/3jGiSB0
⤷ Black ripped denims (25): https://bit.ly/2TDGXOo
⤷ Combat boots: https://bit.ly/3e8Xwef

⤷ Cream cropped sweater (s): https://bit.ly/3mEkwor
⤷ Black ripped denims (25): https://bit.ly/2TDGXOo
⤷ Zebra bag: https://bit.ly/3jKg3i9

⤷ White prime (xs): https://bit.ly/3ecsdzw
⤷ White pants (4): https://bit.ly/2Gk6qJL
⤷ White sandals: outdated zara

⤷ Cream polo (4): https://bit.ly/2F18Fke
⤷ White pants (4): https://bit.ly/2Gk6qJL

⤷ White t-shirt: (s): https://bit.ly/2JkFB9l
⤷ Cream cable knit sweater (s): https://bit.ly/3gFhtZX
⤷ Denim skirt (25): https://bit.ly/2TBbhcn

⤷ White t-shirt (xs): https://bit.ly/33Y4wpG
⤷ Brown plaid trousers (25): https://bit.ly/2G59ske

⤷ Black bodysuit (xs/s): https://go.zara/2TBdXql
⤷ Tabloid denims (2): https://bit.ly/37TOQaA
⤷ Sparkly bag: Alexander wang
⤷ Heeled flip flops: https://bit.ly/3jDR3cE

⤷ Cream sweatshirt (4): https://bit.ly/2GDT4Ym
⤷ Patchwork denims (25): https://bit.ly/3oHq9Ea

⤷ Orange sweater (s): https://bit.ly/3mEkwor
⤷ Terracotta denims (25): https://bit.ly/3mH4ETf
⤷ Brown boots: the row
⤷ Camel blazer: musier paris

⤷ Pink sweater (s): https://bit.ly/3k0uO12
⤷ Cream pants (25): https://bit.ly/3e747WA

⤷ Blue tank (s): https://bit.ly/2HOX6xv
⤷ Baggy denims (25): https://bit.ly/3kBs62G

⤷ White tank (s): https://bit.ly/3kEX61W
⤷ Bralette: inamorata
⤷ Leather pants (s): https://bit.ly/3mAbaKB

⤷ Yellow bralette (s): https://bit.ly/31QY43C
⤷ Yellow cardigan (s): https://bit.ly/3kBsxdk
⤷ Yellow bag: https://bit.ly/31TDcZJ
⤷ Flared denims (25): levi’s ribcage flare

⤷ Grey bralette (s): https://bit.ly/3mzvMT7
⤷ Grey Cardigan (s): https://bit.ly/3oFfj1O
⤷ Yellow bralette (s): https://bit.ly/31QY43C
⤷ Yellow cardigan (s): https://bit.ly/3kBsxdk
⤷ Yellow bag: https://bit.ly/31TDcZJ
⤷ Red sweater (s): https://bit.ly/37S7Ia0

⤷ https://www.bccandleco.com/

⤷ Local optimist crewneck (xs): https://bit.ly/2GeeKdS
⤷ Sunglasses: https://bit.ly/2HPILRQ
⤷ Lululemon leggings (6): https://bit.ly/3kTNh0h

📩: howdy@emilymariko.com


  1. Found ur channel yesterday evening and I love! Girl all ur advice is going to leave me bankrupted. But on the bright side real cute!!. If u don’t mind id love to see ‘best ‘ripped jeans’ video. But totally fine if not! 🥰

  2. Another lovely vid to brighten our day, thank you!

    A video idea is a What to Wear video with shackets! I’m obsessed with a pastel purple shacket/ over shirt from Zara lately and would love to see your take on it! The effortless, oversized, cozy vibe seems very you too!

  3. Loved the video Emily. Loved the special treat of both a fashion haul and a vlog. I loved the statement pieces esp the yellow wave set and the purple set as well. Rlly enjoy the casual vlog as well. Its a nice change of pace. Also I haven't had in n out in so long and cool animal fries didn't know they had those. Also nice a facial I could rlly use one right now. Also what was that restaurant you guys went to for dinner? Loved the video Emily.

  4. so fun to watchhh PS I got an idea for a video for you. sort of a continue for your lovelyyyy serious about which company makes the best…. drums rolls please…….. Trench coat! I would love to see it and I can really use your advice. sooo thanx and I really love your content!

  5. I love all of your outfits and thanks for listing all the pieces in the description! It would be super helpful if you could number your outfits on the screen in the video too!

  6. Those brown leather booties are so beautiful!

    If you have the time, & climate change, will you please do a review of the best cold weather tights/leggings?
    Sweaty Betty has a couple, Under Armour: Cold Gear or Cozy, Nike: Therma’s
    If not, it’s ok. Thanks, Emily!

  7. I have a photo of myself in the 90s wearing EXACTLY that leopard cardigan as like a three year old, it’s so unnecessarily sassy for a baby to be wearing and always makes me laugh.

  8. I mean NO doubt, you DEF had some simple yet kick a$$ outfits! From casual walking to even classy/dressy. My only complaints, #1. The baggy jeans & some sneakers look are just dead imo. Even for guys, it just looks country at this point imo. #2. Now, I KNOWWW, how many people can debate that the Chuck Taylors are a never-ending classic. But I would have maybe messed with some Nike AF ones drip, white Gucci's, I dunno, just something more modern. But ultimately, very adorable collection & look! Us guys appreciate a stylish chic 😉 lol


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