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  1. Girl I love brandy too…I understand that they aren’t inclusive, but if you fit into the clothes and you like them then there should be no reason to be shamed for it.

  2. I wear the same thing for a Year now 🙁 i only have those hoodies that are very short and they are uncomfy when im wearing it so i only have a oversize jacket and i wear this all the time and some people say ,,do u have nothing to wear?” That makes me mad but i cant do anything about it my parents dont even have money they say wear that what u have i know i want to wear it but i feel uncomfy and i bought them at the time where i loved this and now i hate this style what i had oh man 🙁

  3. don't @ me but Brandy is one of my favorite stores because there clothes and belts are like the only thing that fits me nicely I don't support the one size fits all thing but I rarely find any stores that fit me nicely

  4. can someone explain what “pinterest” vibes means ??? last time i checked it was a website kinda like tumblr isn’t it ??? how does a sweater resemble a website that has so many different things on it i’m confused

  5. I have the oversized Brandy shirt with the light blue car but I’ve never been able to wear it because of how oversized. But I’m getting confidence to wear it bc of your vid so thank you for the inspiration!


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