hey guys! hope u loved the video! xoxo sara
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DJQuads Missing Someone
Clothing hyperlinks:
Dare Mini Dress Baby Blue
Miss Sally Mini Skirt
Deborah Blazer
Jagger & Stone The Christy Midi Dress Green
The George Bag Pink
Kaylee Heel Black
Amarah Mini Dress
Jada Mini Dress
Barlett Mini Skirt Black
Windsor Smith Carte Sneaker White
The Barellan Cardigan White
Lucia Cropped Jumper
Euros Pants Black/White
Merlo Cardigan
Phoebe Jumper
Unwritten Love Top Black
Rosebery Mini Dress
Tasmin Dress
Peta & Jain Piper Bag Plum Croc
Krista Jumper


  1. You're gorgeous!! Your style is adorable. I'm looking at your wall and I'm like, it's so interesting to me how gen z is obsessed with 90s and early 2000s. I can't really say anything though because I'm obsessed with the 50s and 60s lol

  2. I would appreciate it a lot if you wrote what the item is before putting the link, that way I don't need to click on every link to find the item I want. Great video tho. I LOVE UR STYLE SO MUCH!! Just wish I had money haha

  3. Is it just me who finds it weird that princess Polly all of a sudden starts giving influencers and youtubers things in a time we’re there is a highly contagious disease on the loose? It’s a little peculiar. I’m not shaming them just a thought…

  4. Imagine most of these materials are made by people who are exposed to the poisonous chemicals every single days… are those staffs truly pretty? Other parts of the world people have no choice but to choose these exploitative jobs…

  5. I dont know who'll see this , but I just saw an ad about a family who's father threw acid at them and ;( it legit made me cry . They were left with terrible disabilities and injuries it's so sad . You can donate so that's cool, but I don't have money so…, COULD U PLS DONATE TO THAY POOR FAMILY FOR ME!!!!


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