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Need a Halloween costume that’s fast, simple and low cost, however nonetheless intelligent and, most of all, vegan? Check out my high 11 concepts for last-minute vegan Halloween costumes that vary from political statements to the merely ridiculous, all with a heaping does of sarcastic supply. Let me know what you assume and in the event you use one, tag me on social media! (hyperlinks beneath).

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  1. well, since Halloween is scary, why not go as a butcher? It is supposed to be the OPPOSITE of nice. Usually. Or, how about as Donald Trump with an I Love Veal-T shirt?

  2. I love these! I was a slaughtered cow this year for Halloween… definitely got mixed reactions! I like your idea of including a written message with it. I'll try that next! 🙂

  3. im gonna go as a cow like the same onesie that ariana grande had with the lil udder and ears headpiece and then i'll add some sassy vegan stickers and badges all over <333

  4. Even though it's spring I have a somewhat funnyish idea. Dress up as a cow,chicken,pig,ect and put a sheet over yourself, but the sheet should be somewhat see through so people can see what is under the sheet. then make some kind of human shaped snacks with you to eat around your meat eating friends. If you want add a halo and/or some kind of sign.

  5. How about getting a poster board and using it as a nutrition label? You can copy stats from animal meat and say it's you. Or list the actual stuff in animal meat and increased chance of disease😷


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