$100 outfit vs $1,000 outfit vs $10,000 outfit
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Outfits linked beneath ↓

$100 Outfit:
– Blue Denim Jeans: Purchased from https://www.beyondretro.com/pages/store-locator-brick-lane
– Windbreaker: Purchased from https://www.atikalondon.co.uk
– White T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/36egL6k
– Clogs: https://go.zara/36lwSzc
– Blazer: Purchase from ‘non stop vintage’ (unable to search out web site)

$1,000 Outfit:
– Blue Denim Jeans: https://bit.ly/36qcyNf
– White Trainers: https://bit.ly/3sMhpzM
– Grey Hoodie: https://bit.ly/3CU204l
– White T-Shirt: https://bit.ly/36egL6k
– Black Coat: https://bit.ly/3mBR9Ge (not accessible, related various)
– Miansai Cuban Link Ring: https://bit.ly/353OAX4

$10,000 Outfit:
– Houndstooth Coat: previous season not accessible
Similar various: https://bit.ly/36qLIo7
More inexpensive various: https://bit.ly/3Buc18k
– Jacquemus Trousers: https://bit.ly/3HaIJwR
– Jacquemus Suit Jacket: https://bit.ly/3I3NQQv (related various)
– Black Cashmere Turtleneck: https://bit.ly/3HCZmBF
– White T-shirt: https://bit.ly/3H1pfKE
– Black Boots: https://bit.ly/3ETvjoM
More inexpensive altnernative: https://bit.ly/3v7yyGC
– Tom Wood Crystal Ring: https://bit.ly/33z5IUs
More inexpensive/related various: https://bit.ly/351NRWx
– Miansai Square Bar Ring: https://bit.ly/3oUUXDn
– Chain Link Earring: not accessible
More inexpensive/related various: https://bit.ly/3rXQnpD
– Sunglasses: not accessible
– Fendi Side Bag: https://bit.ly/3JxG7KS
– Black Scarf: https://bit.ly/35dpRA0

Main outfit worn all through the video:
– Grey Mockneck Sweater: https://bit.ly/36dxaYI
– Beige/Oatmeal Scarf: https://bit.ly/3gX47ea
– Khaki Double Breasted Wool Coat: https://bit.ly/3mdTQxy
Similar various: https://bit.ly/36qLIo7
– Cargo Trousers: https://bit.ly/356sqDU
– Low Top Trainers: https://bit.ly/3BaEJtR

Music downloaded from Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/tgVQ8

Shot with:
– Canon EOS R6: https://amzn.to/3EU1K5j
– Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 Lens: https://amzn.to/3zt7TnW
– Canon 6D MK II: https://amzn.to/2COFiyW
– Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0 Lens: https://amzn.to/2RUFctW

FTC: This video is just not sponsored. Some of the hyperlinks above are affiliate hyperlinks, which means that I’ll earn a small proportion of gross sales while you click on by and make a purchase order, at no further price to you.


  1. People are gonna hate on me or something, but like… we're still in a pandemic. Wear a mask. Please. Either way, good video even though it's making my anxiety go through the roof.

  2. The earrings add to your style, I would like to get my ear pierced but because I wear glasses I feel unable to, as I feel it maybe would not work, perhaps I'm not fashionable enough, however it works for you.

  3. actually Thrift items is not different with expensive ones because they were actually original but used . So if someone tells u u look expensive or the item looks expensive it actually expensive .

  4. Brilliant content and styling as usual but I think you did the first outfit a bit of a disservice. Brick lane is pretty much the home to "gentrified thrifting" and the price points are way higher than in Charity shops etc. Fantastic job regardless! I'd also love a video on how you buy second-hand pieces online. What sort of brand, materials, or silhouettes do you seek out?

  5. 1000$ is about the minimum for me
    because my size doesn't exist
    (my width size is equal to XS-S, my height is equal to L-XL and sometimes even XXS and XXL, shoe size just barely above what most brands end on as well)
    usually end up already on 150-200$ just for pants


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