We hit three completely different shops to see what we received get for $100! Checkout what we received from Revolve, Zara, and Forever 21! Next up – take a look at Drew and Loryn swapping types! ►►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQyl-VRPTZU&list=PLdq0S7aHzzpiE8_cCK-JvywLmMcZ3fM3L&index=1
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Products We Tried ►►
Madeleine’s Outfits (Forever 21)
Bike Shorts https://fave.co/33cWFEe
Ripped Biker Shorts https://fave.co/3hr3pDI
Ribbed Crop Cami https://fave.co/33cWFEe
Workout Shorts https://fave.co/35sGN3n
Zip Up Top https://fave.co/32lXICM
Plaid Skirt https://fave.co/3bNjXVp
Lace Trim Bralette https://fave.co/3mdUCbX

Erin’s Outfit (Zara)
Blue Polka Dot Dress https://go.zara/2RkvO3U
Brown Leather Belt https://go.zara/33gqKmy
Teardrop Pendant Earrings https://go.zara/3k7D2EC
Blue Quilted Heels https://go.zara/2ZuMGtg

Sinead’s Outfit (Revolve)
Joyce Zip Sweatshirt Dress https://fave.co/3mfrUaI
Fila Fast Charge Sneakers https://fave.co/3io1Szx
Petit Moments Barettes https://fave.co/2FtypWx
Other Reasons Isabel Clip https://fave.co/2DRxtdY

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We spent $100 #buying at three completely different shops to see what we might get inside our #price range.

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FTC Disclaimer: Clevver Style participates in numerous internet affiliate marketing packages, which implies we could receives a commission commissions on merchandise bought by way of our hyperlinks to retailer websites. Items gifted to us for consideration might be denoted with an https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQyl-VRPTZU&list=PLdq0S7aHzzpiE8_cCK-JvywLmMcZ3fM3L&index=1.


  1. I still think Senaid doesn’t really follow the challenge. She buys stuff that she wants to keep for herself. She spend half the budget on shoes( that she personally loves) knowing they don’t go anything g with the dress. She could have bought a more expensive dress if posssible, not $19

  2. I wish they would try more sustainable brands or brands that have positive messages behind them. I loved when they did the black owned brands episode but that was just one out of what feels like hundreds of other “trying clothes from amazon” videos. I know we’re in quarantine but I wish they would spice it up a little bit and show some more companies that are leaving a positive impact.

  3. Whats the point in biker shorts? I would have liked to see accessories atleast.. Its forever 21 after all. Not even any shoes.

  4. Come back to Me precious child, you're My heart's desire…I love you dearly…you're missing from My arms, you're missing from Home ~ Jesus


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