Here’s 10 pageant interview outfit concepts that you should utilize as inspiration to your subsequent competitors. I’m sharing examples for various pageant organizations and age divisions.

Rehearsed to Relatable (learn to be memorable in an interview immediately):


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  1. I am not a pageant contestant anymore so why did I love this video? Lol (Also, side note, I can tell your hustle has been so amazing to get to your goals because of the amazing content you are consistently putting out! YGG!) Also what an amazing video for contestants!

  2. Great episode. I was waiting for culturally inspired interview outfits but it’s not covered. I think I’ve seen clips of a miss universe with delegates from India and Korea (pageant in the past) wearing traditional outfits in the interview portion.

  3. For me your outfit and overall styling is on point for interview.

    In MU, I just observed in the recent years that they incorporate their national costume in their interview outfit. Or anything that symbolizes their country. Catriona in butterfly sleeves is the most prominent.

  4. I respectfully disagree!!!! As a pageant judge in many systems including USA I believe you are wrong wrong wrong! Pageants are won or lost in interview. Its typically the first impression the judges get of you! First impressions are lasting impressions. Your interview outfit is the MOST Important wardrobe decision. Evening gown is secondary. By the time the judges see you in Gown the decision is made in most instances. Please viewers, focus on Interview wardrobe. Style, FIT, Color and appropriateness for the age and system youre competing in. Stand Out! Judges rarely remember what gown you wore but they remember how you looked in Interview!