Foam Runner Ochre:
I’m 5’7 carrying a measurement 9

Outfit 1️⃣
Green Varsity (measurement medium):
Beige crewneck (measurement medium):
Levi’s 501 denims:

Outfit 2️⃣
Vintage Brown Varsity, purchased from
Jeans purchased from
Brown hoodie (measurement medium) bought out

Outfit 3️⃣
Brown Crewneck:
darkish gray shorts (small):
Grey tote purchased in retailer at Uniqlo
Beige Socks: purchased in retailer at Uniqlo
Padres hat:

Outfit 4️⃣
Stussy quarter zip (small):
white tee:
Olive Nylon Shorts:
(related) Black Trucker hat:
Black facet bag:

Outfit 5️⃣
49ers graphic tee (medium):
(Similar) Trucker hat:

Outfit 6️⃣
Beige flannel overshirt (medium):
(related) Flare Jeans:

Outfit 7️⃣
Beige Hoodie (measurement medium):
Brown Sweatpants (small):

Outfit 8️⃣
Grey Sweatpants (small):
Similar Black Hoodie (medium):

Outfit 9️⃣
Blue cardigan (medium):
Brown Pants:

Outfit πŸ”Ÿ
Green Crewneck (medium):
Off white pants (small):

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  1. this literally could not have been better timed! ive been wanting to get a pair of the runners but I've been afraid to commit because I wouldnt know hoe to style them.. thanks for the vid, it was super helpful!

  2. Always appreciate you including your height and sizes in these vids. I'm a similar size so it really helps provide a better idea when buying!

  3. Ive worn my Foam RNNRs to a party before just outta laziness n ppl thought I was flexin on em. Lol. I have the Mineral Blue pair n I just wore em with some black Essentials sweat shorts and a heater gray t shirt n my Dallas Cowboys fitted with the Pro Bowl side patch. πŸ‘Œ


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