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10 straightforward methods to fashion denim denims of varied colours with totally different kinds of t-shirts. Men’s trend and outfit concepts for inspiration.

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  1. If you're every stressing about what to wear, you can simply throw on a pair of jeans with a crisp t-shirt and pull off a classic look.
    I hope I showed you guys different ways you can have fun and mix it up when pairing these staple pieces. What's your favorite way to wear jeans with a tee?
    Also, don't forget to follow me on for more outfit inspiration 🙂

  2. 1: not feeling it
    2: great look, but i would do a jacket that's not a blazer (i.e. more casual jacket)
    3: it's great that you are wearing chelsea boots and not sneakers, but i hate how tight those jeans are
    4: nice look, something i would wear, but with contrasting denim colours
    5: nice casual look
    6: it's a cool, laid back look, but i do not dig the holes in the jeans
    7: yes, this is a fine one
    8: the jeans actually look good on you. slim is better than skinny. when wearing bright colours (that are in the same family), just do either the top or the shoes. don't have them both in same/similar colours cos it comes off as trying too hard. in this case, i'd say a blue tee and those sneakers
    9: good direction, but i would opt for a better fitting tee
    10: sad to say, but it looks rather sloppy. i'd opt for cleaner, better fitting pieces

  3. 100% perfect. Really nice looks !
    I’m often a bit frustrated not to be able to dress like that in Chicago. It would often be overdressed. Your looks are so European (as I am/ French). That’s why I like them so much !
    Best style channel from far. Not for everybody I’m afraid but really the best from my point of view. Glückwunsch !

  4. Тебе не надоело в женских колготках ходить? 🤣
    Если ты гей, и тебе это нравится, то скажу тебе откровенно, женская одежда на мужчине смотрится смешно. А главное, это негативно скажется на твоих половых органах.
    Выброси все эти колготки и купи мужские штаны😁

  5. Probably you can try showing how to style with single tops (like a piece top instead of having another piece over) with shorts/jeans/chinos etc and what kinda accessories and shoes can go well with it

  6. I see that you wear a lot of white tees. I usually avoid them, not because i dont like white tees but because i havent found the perfect one (i live in Vietnam so i cant purchase those Uniqlo tees in America). I dont like the fact that white tees are a bit see through and it is kinda awkward to show off my nipples, so although i have many of them (12 or 13), i dont wear them much.

  7. I have a question. How do you know if your jeans are too skinny. I ordered a pair of Burberry Slim Jeans, and when I wore them they felt great around my waist and thighs, but felt a little bit tight around my calf area. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been so used to wearing Straight Jeans. How are slim jeans supposed to fit? I don’t want to look like my jeans are too skinny.


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