I believed it could be actually enjoyable to ask you guys to give you the wildest conditions for me to model, and I definitely wasn’t disenchanted! The majority of those outfits are pastel and cutesy, however I attempted to make a wide range of appears. There’s some lovecore and strawberrycore, some lolita and ouji, and much more of a gothy ekid model – so hopefully regardless of the weird themes there needs to be little one thing for everybody!
0:00 Intro
0:53 Outfit 1
2:00 Outfit 2
3:30 Outfit 3
5:33 Outfit 4
6:37 Outfit 5
7:30 Outfit 6
8:24 Outfit 7
9:42 Outfit 8
10:57 Outro
beret – secondhand
removable collar – selfmade
sweater – Wβ™‘C
jumperskirt – BABY, the Stars Shine Bright (secondhand)
socks – Sock Dreams
footwear – YRU (secondhand)
plush – Honeylambs

hairbows – selfmade
shirt – BABY, the Stars Shine Bright (secondhand)
“corset” – Gunne Sax (secondhand)
scarft, earrings, purse, tights – classic
skirt – Emily Temple Cute (secondhand)
footwear – secondhand

headpiece – Beholder Fashions (etsy)
shirt – classic
belt – outdated/do not keep in mind
shorts, footwear – secondhand
bag – selfmade
socks – Sock Dreams

bonnet – selfmade
gown – Enchanted Scissors (etsy)
tights – outdated/do not keep in mind
footwear – secondhand
plush – classic

hoodie, pants – secondhand
footwear – Toms
masks – selfmade

shirt – classic (reworked)
vest – classic (reworked)
bloomers – secondhand (reworked)
socks – Sock Dreams
footwear – FENTYxPUMA
plush – Wβ™‘C

jewellery – selfmade & Wawe Studio
prime, purse – upcycled
skirt – selfmade
socks – Sock Dreams
footwear – secondhand

headpiece, pearl chain – selfmade
vest, footwear, bat – upcycled
gown – BABY, the Stars Shine Bright (secondhand)
socks – Sock Dreams
πŸ§ΈπŸŽ€ Music πŸŽ€πŸ§Έ

Intro: Meet Cute by Peter Sandberg

That Kind of Love by I’MIN
Imagine Us There by spring gang
Killing Time by Craig Reever

Licensed by Epidemic Sound

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  1. Ok so this is the first video of yours I saw (lies, the first one was about checkered pants with heavy Bring Me Back My 2007 Vibe. Then I saw "how to build up your wardrobe, but I only started it and want to watch it slowly. Possibly while making notes.) and I subscribed IMMEDIATELY. Who needs upload schedule, I will stick here and will wait patiently to that moment when you decide to release more of this glorious content. Your sense of humor and the fact that you look like you give zero shits about what others will think of your fashion choices is so inspiring to me! Also, pink bat! I'm sold🀣β™₯️

  2. I got another β€˜game’ for you if you wanna try it out (I used to use it when I was feeling uninspired fashion-wise): pick a β€˜famous’ person, let’s say, Isabella Blow, and ask yourself, β€œif she woke up in my body, in my home, what would she choose out of my wardrobe before going about the business of figuring out how tf she woke up thusly.” No, I never chose her, but I did do a Daphne Guinness look a few times, def general Cyndi Lauper and specifically 80’s Madonna… Clara Bow… it can be quite fun. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  3. The strawberry twizzler outfit actually reminds me so much of those delicious strawberry hard candies that everyone's Grandma had in a bowl

  4. every one of these outfits is so adorable and creative! i'm particularly obsessed with the last look <3. i actually really like that it is comprised of a variety of pinks, rather than everything perfectly matching. Also the purple shoes just added such a fun and happy contrast.

  5. ❀❀❀ i love the alice in wonderland outfit… the patterned blouse with the pink vest and the bloomers… so cool!

  6. I loved the alice in wonderland outfit most! (Also love that you just happen to have a pink baseball bat. Glad it came in handy!)

  7. Glad you're feeling better. Great outfits. I'm glad I've followed you for a few years even though I don't sew or dress like you or anything. I don't even know how I found your channel in the first place but I love seeing what you put together.

  8. I used to be a big Indiana Jones fan and I never thought anyone would pose the question of the whip before. It just looked cool.

  9. i was going to say that the alice in wonderland outfit was my favorite (i love that it's kind of a masculine figure, but so soft at the same time lkasdkjla), but after i watched the video again i'm not so sure anymore, there are so many cool ones!! Even though my style is quite different from yours, you inspire me quite a lot, i love how you always go all out with the theme <3

  10. I love your videos, they give me life. A little bit of that cherished and much sought after ✨ serotonin ✨ I hope to see more of you again and also that your health keeps on improving


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