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  1. timestamps for the results!! (rewind if you want to see how to make the outfits)

    1st outfit – 3:01
    2nd outfit – 4:45
    3rd outfit – 7:40

    btw i love the outfits sm!! they're so cute <33

  2. I really like you’re outfit ideas <3
    They’re beautiful !

    But the sad thing is that I’m to poor so I don’t have almost everything what was here in this video 🥲
    And also ….from what set is the bodice you used in the 1st one? Because I can’t find this bodice but I want it so bad because almost everyone has it 🙁

  3. hello I love your videos are very nice Aesthetic and perfect <3 what I'm going to do, could you make another video of another dark academy outflit? or korean outfits? in Royale high if you can I would love to bye –

  4. Hello can you make some outfit ideas where we don't need to use the designer game passes cause not everyone has the game passes, the outfits are lovely

  5. Oh no I'm late-
    But the outfits you always have made are always so cute and I hope you reach 100k and I hope you don't mind I use the outfit ily ❤️💖
    Happy early Valentine's Day!


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